Water Fountain
Downtown Livermore California
"3D" StereoPhotos by John Toeppen
Anaglyph Movie of Fountain 28meg
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More water

Crossed view pairs are shown on left and parallel pairs on the right

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  full sized view  The web of water is caught by the wind and is bent. 

full sized view  The warped sheet is drawn by surface tension to coalese into a stream.

Bursting bubbles form strings of droplets.

full sized view  Notice the large bubble on the left and the single walled membrane on the upper right collapsing into a string.

full sized image  A membrane has burst on the left and one is about to go on the upper left.

full sized image  A couple more bubbles are burstin on the top of the column.

full sized image  Strings are clearly forming from the ruptured membranes.

full sized image  Strings have clealy formed from ruptured bubbles.

Why do we care?  String theory is not able to be proved or disproved in the universe, however, water seems to be showing similar behavior in this fountain.  Open clusters of stars have a related property; empty space expands and membranes form where matter is present.  Eventually, the membranes of gravitationally bound matter rupture and strings of stars form.  Patterns in nature are recurrent, allowing us to suspect that these patterns may be similar to those that we think happen with space, time, and matter.  These stereo images may contribute to our insights.

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