"3D" Stereo Photos of Hawaii

These images are in crossed view format and parallel:    RL R  click on the left pair to view the RL using SPM.

View of Honolulu from Aloha Tower.
This stereo pair was made with photos taken from a distance of about eight feet apart to enhance the depth effect since the buildings are so far away.  This is called "hyperstereo".

stereo pair from Aloha Tower
aloha right

Stereo image of entrance into the Byodo-In Japanese temple.

templeX right templr

"Three Worlds" is the classic subject arrangement showing below the surface, on the surface, and a reflected image.  This is a version in 3D stereo.

three worlds in 3D
right 3worlds

breaker in Hawaii 3d

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If you don't see all shades of gray, adjust your monitor for best viewing.
step grey scale