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These images are in crossed view format and parallel:
RL R  click on the left pair to view the RL using

B17 in stereoscopic 3D

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B17 bomber in stereo B17R

Hydraulically carved granite pools shaped by fresh running snow melt on the slopes of the Eastern Sierra.

granite pools
granite pool

This was the last weekend for aspen color in 2006.  The rains drove us out  and the leaves down with it.  We did manage to find a few groves near and at peak.  Here the wind has suspended a few leaves - a favorite but elusive subject of mine. 

aspen wind
aspen wind R

This motorcycle was  cruising alon the road near Monitor Pass one fine June day.

bike near the pass
bike near pass

You might not have noticed these flowers before.  A few pages back I posted the full version of this image.  I only have done this to show you that unless you are using software that allows you to zoom into larger images - you may be missing something!


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